Pt 07 – Houston, We Have a Problem

Tuesday, March 19th – Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

We cruised on into Houston, TX where we grabbed a coffee at The Hearsay Bar, circled around Houston’s Astro Stadium on foot, then drove to the Museum District.


The first place we checked out was the Rothko Chapel. Now this, I just don’t get. I can see how it’s a nice quiet place to meditate, but canvases painted completely black is not what I would call art. Maybe I’m just not a big art person…

Although my Godzilla painting from NOLA is the t*ts!

…but to be honest, you could probably paint anything these days, call it art, have it displayed in an exhibit with a hefty price tag attached to it, and some pretentious idiot will buy it for $500 or more. But hey, to each their own.

We headed to the Art Car Museum, which seemed like my sort of weird. It was closed at the time, so we planned to check it out in the morning. Instead, we headed across the street to Walmart. While we were there, we stocked up on some food, bought seat covers so we would no longer have to scrape off our sticky buns from the vinyl ones, then got free sandwiches and coffee at the Starbuck’s nearby thanks to Trevor’s beard.

His beard would soon make more friends on this trip than both of us combined. Seriously, we should have made a Facebook page for it. Maybe even it’s own blog called “Adventures of Beard” or “Beards Across America”. I need to work on my marketing skills. Those are terrible. Any who, we parked in the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot over the rainy night. Fortunately there were no drunken disturbances over sports ball.

The next day, we returned to the Art Car Museum. The amount of detail put into these cars was fascinating!

Anyone remember those “I Spy” books?
I Spy with my little eye… Jerry Garcia!
Now, that’s what I call “art”!

We took I-10 West out of Houston to Katy, TX and only intended on getting an oil change done at Walmart, but was informed that the power steering fluid was still leaking. We were elated, and by elated I mean royally p*ssed off. Since they only did maintenance and minor repairs, we tried pushing on, and hoped the van would hold up until we got to our friend’s place in Salado, TX. My attempt to distract myself by enjoying the landscape of blue bonnets and neon-orange wild flowers was short lived.

*insert: “The Price is Right” sound effect of the failure horn here

We stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere nearby Columbus, TX and called AAA. The tow truck driver dropped us off at a nearby Chevy auto shop in La Grange, TX. Yes, the same town ZZ Top sang about with regards to the brothel (it’s no longer there, in case anyone was wondering). We were always the kind who preferred to give our money to small businesses, but since that wasn’t working out for us so far, we decided to take our van straight to the dealership this time (and would continue to do so until the end of time). The guys at the dealership said they could help us out with the repair in the morning and allowed us to stay in their parking lot overnight.

La Grange is a small town (like, really really small! Really!) with nothing much to do unless you want to visit the Quilt Museum (we did not). We drank coffee at the Latte Internet Café where one of the local kids told us the only thing to do in town outside of visiting the Quilt Museum (which he recommended in jest), would be to go bowling or socialize at the Dairy Queen (which he recommended on the real).


We rode our bikes around town until it got dark. Overnight, we listened to the busy traffic passing through (much more than you would think in such a quaint town), and enjoyed hearing the train ride by. As soon as we sorted out our van issues in the morning, we had Austin on the docket so we could visit a few of our friends.

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