Pt 32 – Clown Cookouts, Bones & Vedauwoo

Wednesday, May 15th – Thursday, May 16th, 2013

We stopped at the Wyoming Welcome Center where I got pamphlets galore. I was loving it; Trevor rejoiced (not really). Our first stop in Wyoming was at the state capital, Cheyenne. We noticed the flags were at half mast in town and were worried something bad had happened that we were unaware of. A guy at the post office told us it was for Fallen Police Officer Remembrance Day. We were relieved to hear it wasn’t more tragedy since the Boston Marathon bombings had just occurred 1 month prior.

The downtown area was a little depressing. You know you’re in an exciting town when you visit a CD/Audio Tape store and see flyers inviting you to a Juggalo Cookout. Our van did indeed only accept tapes so it wasn’t a complete failure.


We got the hell out of there via I-80 West, and the scenery was mainly grassy hills that seemed to go on forever with mountains far in the distance. We saw many hawks flying around by the road and saw the trains pass by before arriving in Medicine Bow National Forest.

On a whim, we turned off onto Vedauwoo Road (pronounced “Veda-voo”), which had many round rock formations and places to camp.


We settled on a spot, wandered the site, then set up a fire which we didn’t get to enjoy long since it started to rain.

One of our weird finds while checking things out.

We got to enjoy listening to the thunderstorm pass by, and lightening struck near the van. After that little bit of excitement, we went to bed and anticipated exploring more of the state of Wyoming, a place that unknown to me, would be one of my favorites in the union.

We took Happy Jack Road to Laramie, WY, where we grabbed coffee at “The Grounds Coffee House.” The town of Laramie was small, but had its fair share of cool shops.


One of those shops was “Cross Country Connections” where we got a book on bouldering in Vedauwoo. We grabbed some fossil fuels before checking out some fossils in the University of Wyoming’s Geological Museum which was free to the public.


The evening would be pretty mellow. We mainly hung out at the same camp spot where we ate, tossed the disc around and enjoyed the fire, only leaving briefly at one point to search for the bouldering area called “The Acres” in the Citadel Crag.


It was a peaceful night.

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