Pt 40 – Liquor Store Dining & No Potatoes

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

As we came down from Curtis Canyon for the last time, we saw more ground squirrels and grazing Bighorn Sheep.



We paid “Cowboy Coffee” one last visit and took one more stroll around the square before leaving Jackson. We were sad to go. Jackson had become one of our favorite towns on the trip so far, but it was time to un-glue ourselves and see new things.

We took Route 22 West into Targhee National Forest, then crossed the border into the state of Idaho. We continued along Route 33 into the town of Driggs.


Idaho is known for its potatoes, so I was hoping to get something with spuds in it. Unfortunately, there were few restaurants open and the one that we went with didn’t have any. I ended up eating an Indian Dal wrap and Trevor ate the Black Bean burrito at “Wrap & Roll.” The building was so small that they had an agreement with the liquor store next door to allow patrons to eat there rather than in the restaurant. It felt a little odd eating while everyone was walking in and out buying booze. It was an alcoholic’s nightmare. The food ended up being really delicious, though!

We wandered around town in the rain and checked out a few shops before taking Route 33 to Route 32 which directed us through several small towns and fields which I assume were potato fields (maybe?). Then, we took US-20 East from Ashton before making our way into the mountains back in Targhee National Forest.

We passed a lot of Cottonwood trees and conifers before crossing another state border into Montana.


We shopped around for a cheap room in West Yellowstone and were off to a bad start. Then we caught the owner of Pioneer Motel right as she was leaving the office and she gave us a good price. We booked a room, got coffee at the local bookstore, then wandered around town before returning to our room to plan our trip in Yellowstone National Park and to veg out for the evening.

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