Pt 48 – Space Meow, Taxidermy & Gum

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

The morning in Bellingham, WA was filled with errands. We got the oil changed at Jiffy Lube, did laundry at the laundromat, then started making our way towards Seattle. After a pebble cracked our windshield, we stopped in Lynnwood, WA to get some very expensive petrol. Being on the west coast now, we would have to get used to it! Gas would be on the pricey side for quite some time.

We were baffled by the amount of traffic during the daytime on a Sunday as we entered Seattle, WA. Apparently, traffic into Seattle is always congested. For a city that wants to be “car-less” there was an awful lot of them. Eventually we found parking and walked by the Space Needle which would forever be re-named the “Space Meow” after Trevor misheard me.

Behold… The Space Meow

We also walked by a sculpture garden as we headed towards the piers in order to locate the famous Pike Place Market. We eventually found it, but we were starving, so we decided to eat before wandering around.


We went to Athenian Seafood and the waiter told us to hurry up and order since they were about to close the kitchen (an odd thing to do at 4 pm). I ate an oyster po’boy and Trevor got halibut tacos, before we explored the market. Funny enough, one of the first people we spoke to was filleting fish and was originally from Columbia, MD, a hop skip and a jump from where we live. There was a lot of fresh seafood and produce as well as beautiful bouquets of flowers to buy at the marketplace.

Unfortunately, we were not in the position to purchase any of it. What we were in the position for, was coffee.


Washington is known for its coffee, mainly because it’s the birthplace of Starbucks. No we didn’t decide to go to the original Starbucks, we can get that coffee anywhere. We went to a place called Local Color instead. The coffee was good, and after we enjoyed that, we checked out Ye Olde Curiosity Shop which sold everything from astronaut ice cream, to stone necklaces and pendants, to multi-headed duckling taxidermy, to flavorful fudge.


A lot of the shops were closing for the day, but we got some enjoyment from the disgustingly fascinating gum wall and all the street art nearby.



We went in search for a place to sleep for the night. We didn’t want to go far since we wanted to return to Seattle in the morning. Parking in the city was tricky and there were no places to stealth, so we explored the outskirts. The Walmart didn’t seem legit for overnights, and the rest stop wasn’t a great option either. It had signs posted everywhere that parking exceeding 1 hour was not allowed and a police officer monitored the lot. We pushed on even further from the city and ended up at a Walmart in Arlington, WA.

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