Daydreaming About Far Away Lands

I’ve been stuck at home alone for the past nine days. My husband left to meet up with a few members of our “Trail family” from our 2017 Appalachian Trail adventure to hike a small section, and to look after some of the newbies. He started in Georgia and is ending his hike in Franklin, NC (only one of the best trail towns… EVER!). Needless to say, I’m jealous and wish I was out there hiking with them. However, I couldn’t go because:

1 – I just started a new job, so it’s too soon to take time off, and…

2 – It’s still unknown if the meds I’m on are helping me absorb Calcium properly. So the next time I take a spill could very well land me on a “Life Alert” commercial.

Instead of throwing a temper tantrum or feeling sorry for myself, I’ve been keeping busy making plans for the adventures to come.

“So, Stubbs! What incredible, happy times are in store for you in the future?”

Well hey, I’ll tell you all about it, ‘second-person POV dialogue’ that doesn’t at all make me sound like I’m on the verge of coming unhinged! So long as I can survive up until 2020, we’ll be getting the hell out of Dodge and partaking in the following expeditions:

  • A three-month trip though Morocco and most of Europe.
  • A road trip including all the states in the continental U.S. that we haven’t visited together yet (Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oklahoma), plus some others along the way, and possibly Mexico.
  • If my health checks out, we’ll be thru hiking the Arizona Trail and possibly the Pacific Northwest Trail.
  • And the one I’m most looking forward to, moving to Japan for at least a year where I plan on teaching English.

Unfortunately, all big plans are on hold until the proper funds are accumulated. However, I’ve got a few local jaunts lined up for the weekends to come that I’ll be writing about in the near future. Soon enough, I’ll also be posting about our former road trip through New England, as well as our adventures abroad for our honeymoon in Nepal, India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It’s going to be a long two years, but it’ll be worth every penny saved and pinched! I’d just like to thank my readers for sticking around and reading my posts during your downtime. There may only be a few of you, however I love and appreciate every single one of you, and acknowledge every “like,” “comment,” “follow” and “view.”

Much Love,


9 thoughts on “Daydreaming About Far Away Lands

      1. I am like you. I need a tempting adventure sitting on the horizon to keep me moving forward and to offset my boring life too! Maybe that’s why travel is so addictive, it snaps us out of our old routines! Happy trails! Mel

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      2. Whenever I’m on an adventure, I’m already planning the next! Haha! The travel bug is real. The struggle is real. But the anticipation definitely makes routine living a little less horrible, since it’s only temporary. Thanks Mel!

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      3. I’m hearin’ you! When I walked my second Camino, as I walked into Santiago de Compostela I said to myself “I’m done, no more. ticked that box”. Then on the plane home I thought “Well, actually maybe I…….” 😉

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  1. I always say that I’ll do more planning, but I’m much more of a dreamer. I get out there, but generally without much of a plan. Maybe one day I’ll get more organized.

    I hope you’re able to get out there and tackle that travel to-do list soon.

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    1. Spontaneity is a good thing too. I usually go out with a loose plan of places to visit and a direction to follow, however I always welcome the random and unexpected. Sometimes the unplanned adventures are the most memorable. 🙂

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