Pt 65 – Lassis, Defenestration & Another Bike Thief

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

I overheard people talking about us sleeping in the van first thing in the morning. The locals are on to us!

Today we were meeting up with Trevor’s brother’s former college roommate and family friend, Robert, back in San Fran. After taking the BART over, we waited around 28th and Mission Streets for him to pick us up. He found us and we talked on the way to “Mehfil Indian Cuisine,” one of the few places he suggested we eat at. It was a great suggestion indeed, and we split three delicious dishes: Baingan Bharta, Butter Paneer, and Vegetarian Biryani. We each got a Lassi (an Indian milkshake), and split them as well since we all went with different flavors: Strawberry, Mango, and Rose. We were pretty full, but he insisted we get a warm cookie from “Specialty’s” down the street. I made room! He had places to go and people to see, but we were glad we got to run into him before we left town.

So we said goodbye, and wandered the city some more near the piers and by Howard Street.


From Howard, we worked our way up to 6th Street so I could check out the quirky outdoor art display where furniture was crawling out the windows and down the sides of the buildings, called “Defenestration.”


We wanted another warm cookie, so we got one more from “Specialty’s” before waddling to the BART station. There was a brief delay getting back since the power was temporarily shut off of the line we were traveling on due to maintenance.

We eventually made it back, and utilized our time soaking up the city of Oakland some more. We’ve been in Oakland the whole time, but most of our time has been spent venturing over to San Fran instead.

We passed a girl riding a bicycle as she was being filmed for an Amway commercial. I resisted my urges to follow a homeless man blasting a boom box as he wandered the streets nearby Oaksterdam University, America’s first cannabis college. There were some neat sculptures to be enjoyed at the uptown art park, and most of them promoted peace. After spending some time at “Urban Blend,” we moved our van down the street for the night.


Right as I was about to fall asleep, I was jolted awake at 11 pm by a man sawing through the chain that locked the bikes to the back of the van. I woke Trevor up and he smacked the window in attempts to scare away the thief. He stopped briefly, then kept sawing. I grabbed the pepper spray and was about to dive out of the van like a spider monkey in attack mode. Trevor stopped me before I could get to the door, and the movement of the van alone scared the guy off.


Before checking on the bikes, we drove down the street to a more well-lit area to investigate. He almost had the chain completely cut in half, but it was wrapped around the bikes so many times it still would have taken him a while to remove it. Cranky and tired, we decided to leave Oakland and head on over to Sausalito, CA. We found parking on the street and tried to get some rest.

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