Pt 66 – Lobster Rolls & Cruising Across the Golden Gate

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Between traffic and people parking nearby, there was a lot of movement outside of the van keeping us awake the entire night. So we said to hell with it, and got up early. We drove down by the ferry terminal and got ourselves some tickets. We were heading back to San Fran, but we were taking our bikes, and riding them back to Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge.

We had some time to kill before the ferry arrived, so we grabbed coffee at “Cibo” and explored the shops. Sausalito was a very hoity toity area, although the people running the shops were very friendly. Most of the tourists there were European, so I suppose Sausalito is to San Fran as Georgetown is to DC.

It was nearing the time to go, so we grabbed our bikes and waited for the ferry to arrive. The boat ride across was foggy, but the views were still nice! It was neat to see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge from a different angle, and we were stoked to be traveling over it!


We arrived in Fisherman’s Wharf and rolled through all the crowds before locking our bikes to a tree so we could eat lobster rolls at “Guardino’s,” another of the Wharf’s old restaurants, that’s been around since 1908. They were delicious!


After we ate, we walked back to our bikes passing a guy dressed as a robot and a window display of fresh bread loafs out front of “Boudin’s Bakery”. We plowed through the chaos of the Wharf and headed to Chrissy Park.


We had to push our bikes up the hill since we have beach cruisers which had no gears, and after checking out the warming hut near the bridge, we started our journey across.


I had a blast taking in all the views as we climbed higher and higher across the bridge. Although the bike ride was enjoyable, there was a constant reminder of the darker side of the bridge as we traveled across. People frequently jump to their death from the Golden Gate every year. In an attempt to prevent additional fatalities, there are phones scattered along the way with a Suicide Hotline posted on them.


It was a fun trip over to Sausalito, and after we loaded our bikes back up on the van, we decided to treat ourselves to ice cream and a milkshake. We should have looked at the prices before doing so; my ice cream cones was $7 and Trevor’s milkshake was $10! It was time we got out of this expensive town before we went broke!


We rolled out, making our way to Sacramento, stopping at a Walmart in Fairfield, CA to stock up on supplies. The Jiffy Lube nearby was closed, and we were due for an oil change, but it would have to wait another day. We drove to Rancho Cordova in Sacramento, CA where we briefly met up with an old friend, Shana, for some coffee, then enjoyed some surf punk on the radio as we headed back to Truckee for the night.

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