Peak Bagging Maryland: Backbone Mountain

I recently decided to utilize my free time participating in activities that are a bit more rousing than binging on Netflix and social media. So I set some goals for myself to accomplish by the end of the year, one of them being to tackle more of the highest peaks in each state in the US. Some of them I’ve conquered while hiking the Appalachian Trail, but there are a few local ones that I haven’t set foot on, one of them being the one in my home state of Maryland.

We headed out before the sun rose to drive four hours west to climb Maryland’s highest peak, Hoye-Crest on Backbone Mountain. After making our way through Oakland, we passed by a sign advertising the “Smallest Church in 48 States.” Since I’m a fan of corny road side enjoyment, I insisted we take a quick look.


After a few eye rolls from my husband at my giddy amusement, we continued up the mountain to the trailhead, which was a simple pull-off marked with a “MD High Point” sign pointing towards the woods. As we crossed the road and cut through some brush, we found the trail which was an old forest road. We probably could have driven along it to the small parking lot nearby, but we probably would have gotten stuck in the mud.

Plus there were some battered, white hooker boots laying in the lot, so parking along the road was probably a wiser decision anyway. No offense to hookers if any ladies or gentlemen of the night are reading this. That’s just personally not my idea of a “good time,” kinda how random tiny churches aren’t my husband’s idea of a worthy pit stop. But it’s my duty as a wife to drag him into doing dumb things he finds aggravating. That’s like one of the unwritten rules of marriage or something. Don’t feel too sorry for him. He deliberately married me, so it’s kinda his fault.

I digress. The hike was short, but satisfyingly steep. I haven’t been out hiking much lately, so I was really enjoying myself.


We soon reached the highest point in Maryland, and although we’ve seen much more impressive views, we took the time to pause, relax and utilize the benches drug up to the summit by the Highpointers Club.


Once we returned to the car, we cruised back through Oakland to take an early lunch break by the lake in Deep Creek. Then we “accidentally” stumbled upon the town of Accident, MD, where we grabbed some coffee and glazed donuts at “The Rolling Pin”.


Although I realized upon returning home that we could have easily bagged Pennsylvania’s high point during our drive home (it was on the way), I was still feeling pretty accomplished for adding my eighth high point to the list.

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Eating like animals, scaring the day hikers.

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VirginiaMount Rogers

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4 thoughts on “Peak Bagging Maryland: Backbone Mountain

    1. Sweet! Yeah, I was bummed that I missed PA’s which includes an observation deck, but should be making my way back there in a week or two. Just a heads up: I Googled directions to MD’s high point and it took us along a gravel road which led to a Private neighborhood. If you continue on US-219, you’ll see a marker on the side of the road for it. Happy Hiking and Thanks for Reading! 🙂

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