Pt 76 – Hoarding, Pipe Organs & The World’s Largest Carousel

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

I was awoken by construction workers parking next to the van, and laughing seagulls. They were probably laughing over the fact that they somehow flew to Wisconsin instead of to the ocean.

We headed west along Route 19 to Route 14 to Spring Green, WI to check out the wonderfully weird, “House on the Rock.” It was super sketchy walking through the infinity room which is an unsupported floor that wobbles as you walk across it. It is extended 218 feet in length, and is suspended 156 feet above the rocky valley below. There’s even a window in the floor so you can see below you.



Alex Jordan was a man who collected everything from dolls to guns, to lighters, to boat models, to Titanic memorabilia, to cars. The list goes one!

Many collections were on display in little “shops”
Check out this wooden prosthetic leg with a built in pistol!
There were collections of hot air balloons and planes hanging from the ceiling of one room.
Miniature model of the Titanic with icebergs included.

If you feed them coins, there are pipe organs, self-playing instruments and orchestras scattered throughout the house to enjoy. We spent more money in there than we’re proud of. It was addicting.


In one of the rooms, there was a sculpture of a whale that was longer than the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York. The World’s Largest Carousel is also located there, which has over 20,000 lights, 182 chandeliers, 269 animals, and is 80 feet wide, 35 feet tall, and weighs over 36 tons! “The House on the Rock” was a strange but fascinating place.


We grabbed coffee in Lake Delton, WI before making our way into Wisconsin Dells, WI, which we didn’t enjoy long since our van was leaking fluid. It wasn’t just the AC dripping as originally thought.


We located a Chevy dealership back in Lake Delton. They weren’t going to look at the van at first since it was near the end of the day, but quickly changed their minds when we told them we would be sleeping in their parking lot until the morning when we could be seen. It turned out to be the radiator hose, a quick fix and Trevor happened to have a spare one in the van. So it got repaired without hurting our wallet, and the Chevy guy we spoke to was happy too, since he didn’t have to travel across town to get the part.


We drove to Baraboo, WI, the place where the Ringling Brothers Circus got its start, and checked out the downtown area before parking for the night at Walmart.

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