Pt 81 – Finding Our Inner Child & The New World

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

When Laura, our friend from Minnesota, heard we were in St. Louis, she insisted we give the City Museum another try. When we went there, it seemed like it was just for kids, but she said Mark and her had been there, and had a lot of fun. We returned and were glad we followed through this time.

The City Museum, was indeed a lot of fun (although there were a lot of kids there)! I would recommend getting there early in the morning to avoid crowds, because it was a lot less chaotic the second time around. Oh, and do bring some hand sanitizer!


Sumo Round 2. Sumo Wrestler: 2, Me: 0. Don’t ask me how I lost to two stationary objects.

We had a rough start. We were planning to head to the roof first, but it was temporarily closed due to the rain, so we returned to the ground floor to get a refund on our rooftop wristbands. It took us a second to find our inner child, but once we started climbing through the tunnels, we had a blast!


We climbed around the caves and tunnels, and made two trips down the 10-story slide. The rain had stopped and the rooftop was open for business, so we got new wristbands and headed for the top.


We rode on the rooftop Ferris wheel, climbed around the school bus which was dangling off the edge of the warehouse, then took the 10-story slide back down to the bottom floor.

I highly recommend pants, unless you enjoy chaffed butt cheeks.


There was also a lower outdoor area that we enjoyed before we got our fill.


Afterwards, we decided to take a walk around the city, first through the historic Soulard neighborhood passed Busch Stadium, then we checked out the oldest Farmer’s Market west of the Mississippi River which had been running since 1838. We ate at “Chava’s Mexican Restaurant,” then made another stop at “Washington Street Post” for more coffee before leaving St. Louis.


Before returning to Collinsville for the night, we checked out the nearby Cahokia Mounds State Historical Site, the oldest Pre-Columbia settlement in the New World north of Mexico. There was little to see, but it was a peaceful place to wind down.

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