Pt 84 – The Chiropractor, A Memorial & A Movie

Tuesday, August 13th – Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

We got back to I-64 eastbound passing many horses, stables and black fences along green pastures. After arriving in Lexington, KY, we checked out the visitor center, then ate some incredibly good food at “Sav’s Grill and West African Cuisine.”


We both got Spinach Vegetarian Bowls with Fufu (mashed plantains), with a side of Attieke Salad for me, and cheesy grits for him.

There was a Farmer’s Market taking place nearby, so we browsed through it and ended up getting our postures checked by employees of the “Chiro One Wellness Center.” They said Trevor’s lumbar region and my cervical region are misaligned. Probably true since the area between my shoulder blades are always tight.


The lady at the visitor center suggested we go to “Third Street Stuff” to grab coffee, which was a cute shop with lots of art. After sucking up some WiFi, we drove out of Lexington and through Daniel Boone National Forest, and crossed back into “Wild and Wonderful” West Virginia.


We made our first stop in Huntington, WV, and walked down to the water before wandering around town.


Then we toured around Marshall University and checked out the memorial fountain honoring those that died on Southern Airways Flight 932 back on November 14th, 1970. Everyone died in the crash, which included 37 members of the Marshall University football team, 8 members of the coaching staff, 25 boosters, and the 5 flight crew members onboard.


We found a Walmart to park at for the night fairly close by in Hurricane, WV.

The next morning, we drove from Hurricane to the state capital, Charleston, WV. Upon arriving, we got coffee and a breakfast sandwich at the “Daily Cup Downtown Coffee,” then took a nice walk along the water.


We passed by the capitol building which had a shiny, golden, dome roof, then walked back towards the van.

We weren’t ready to get back to driving yet since we were so close to home, and didn’t want the trip to end, so we decided to head to the movie theater and watch “The Conjuring.” Funny thing, we never go to the movie theater back at home, but we’ve gone to the movies twice on this trip. It was a daytime showing so the theater was completely empty, which made the horror movie a little creepier, and a little more fun, since we could react as loud and overdramatically as we wanted to without disturbing anyone.

The movie wasn’t bad at all, and we got back on the road making a brief stop in Lewisburg, WV, where we wandered around before driving through George Washington National Forest back into Virginia.


We were getting hungry, so we stopped in Lexington, VA and ate at “Crystal Chinese Restaurant” for their buffet, which wasn’t so great. Then we crashed in the parking lot.

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