Pt 85 – An Empty Bank Account & The End of a Journey

Thursday, August 15th – Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Neither of us slept. I got a cold and was feeling sick as a dog, and Trevor was sick to his stomach since he withdrew too much money from his account. There were some transactions from over a week ago that didn’t go through until much later, and so the balance never appeared to be low. At least he looked good being dirt poor after he accumulated all that Pata-Gucci gear he was wearing!


I got some Orange Juice for some much needed Vitamin C and we drove to Richmond, VA, grabbing some snacks before heading over to our friend Chris and Dina’s house. Chris was still at work and Dina was asleep, so we threw the Frisbee back and forth until she woke up. We showered off, and when Chris got home, we tossed some of his disc golf discs and he made everyone crab cakes and corn on the cob. As a Marylander, I really missed crab cakes, and although we weren’t back in Maryland yet, at least a Marylander was making them! We watched the Baltimore Raven’s pre-season game on TV and hung out the rest of the evening on the couch.

The next morning, we grabbed pancakes and French toast for breakfast at “Cracker Barrel” before returning to Chris and Dina’s. They were both at work, so we did laundry and bummed around their place, then took a short stroll around the neighborhood as we waited for Chris to return home. When he got back, we took a short walk around the park, made a salad at the salad bar from the grocery store, then relaxed and hung out by the fire pit the rest of the evening.

The next day, Chris took us to the Hollywood Cemetery which was really pretty, then we went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.


He gave us a brief tour through most of the museum, and as always, I was most drawn to the contemporary section.


He drove us around Richmond before we met up with Trevor’s brother Spencer, his boyfriend at the time and his friends at “Kona Grill.” It was nice to see all of them and the food was good too! We went back to Chris’ to grab the van then said goodbye. We visited Spencer real quick to show him and his friend’s the van before saying goodbye to them too.

Then we pushed on through shitty traffic and rain along I-64 East to US-13 North traveling through the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel over to Virginia Beach.


The tunnel traveled down in the Chesapeake Bay, popping up to the surface a couple times along the way. I wanted to get a picture of the bridge “disappearing” under the water at one of the pull off areas, but it was still pouring rain. It was dark by the time we reached our home state of Maryland, but we finally made it!


We took US-50 East into Ocean City, MD where we felt like we could finally exhale.

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