Pt 5 – Dreadlock Rugs, Silverware & A Dog Chapel

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

We were Watebury, VT bound as we took I-89 south to US-2 east. We wanted to check out a recommended brewery and restaurant called, “Prohibition Pig.” As we waited for it to open, we stopped at the “Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center & Café” to grab coffee to wake us up on such a chilly morning. We wondered why on earth the coffee shop staff had the AC cranked up when it was so cold out.

As we charged our phones, we talked to a local named Tom who had retired from “Green Mountain Coffee” before ownership was replaced by Keurig. He was planning on a cross-country trip to Alaska. We share some suggestions on places worth stopping at along the way since we had recently made a similar trip across America. He shared stories about his wife who had recently passed away, and his antiquing hobby. We wished each other safe travels, then walked passed the rehabbed insane asylum and the tiny shops downtown. Trevor scored a $2 Patagonia jacket at a thrift store across the street from “Prohibition Pig.”

Once they opened, we got two ‘Reverse Whirlpool’ IPAs and split guacamole with chips. Trevor ordered the Cuban sandwich, and I went for the Carnitas tacos. The beer wasn’t bad, but the food was definitely better than their brews! We chatted with Chris the bartender, who was also well traveled. He and his wife decided to settle in Vermont since they had a baby on the way.


We watched the grocery/liquor store across the street as people wiped out ‘Heady-Topper’ by “The Alchemist Brewery,” which used to be located in Waterbury. ‘Heady-Topper’ is listed as one of the best beers made according to “The Beer Advocate,” and we would shamefully not jump at the opportunity to grab some while we could. They would later run out of stock everywhere we went in Northern Vermont, the only place you can find it. It was time to keep it moving, so we took I-89 south to US-2 to check out Vermont’s state capital, Montpelier, VT.


Montpelier was a pretty cool town. I nearly mistook the two dreadlocked dogs lying on the floor at “The Quirky Pet” store as rugs, and we laughed at the witty naming of, “Bagitos” for a bagel and burrito café.


After some browsing, we visited the “Three Penny Taproom” for some beer. Trevor got the ‘What is Enlightenment?’ brew from “Hill Farmstead” and I went for a ‘Susan American Pale Ale’ by the same brewery.

We had some laughs with the bartender after a guy at the bar ordered a pizza, and then asked for silverware before stepping outside for a phone call. Who orders silverware for a pizza? Trevor suggested a spoon and the bartender stepped it up by laying out a standard knife, fork and spoon, as well as a steak knife, soup spoon, and desert fork for the guy. Another guy walked in with a huge basket full of mushrooms and the bartender mistook it for a baby.

After enjoying the humor and brews, we took a stroll through some more shops, then we took the car to the “Green Mountain Cemetery” which was a pretty and peaceful place.


After Trevor grabbed some shoes on sale at “Onion River Sports” and we checked out “Buch Spieler Records & The Getup Vintage,” back in town, we took US-2 east to St. Johnsbury, VT.

There wasn’t much in town, but we asked for directions and made our way to “Dog Mountain” where there was a Dog Chapel. Unfortunately it was late in the day when we arrived in town, so the chapel was closed.



We still enjoyed wandering around the property, then we checked out a creepy piece of land for sale down the street that was being auctioned off.

We loved Vermont a little too much, and needed to make our way to some of the other states in New England before we ran out of time, so we made our way south towards the state line into New Hampshire via I-91 to I-93. We stopped along Route 135 in Littleton, NH at a Walmart for the night. I ate a tuna sandwich while sitting in a cloud of mosquitoes before we headed across the street at Applebee’s to kill some time drinking beer, sucking up free WiFi and watching TV. The GOP debate was on CNN, and then news about a bad earthquake in Chile.

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One thought on “Pt 5 – Dreadlock Rugs, Silverware & A Dog Chapel

  1. You sucked me in under false pretences! I was ready to be 100% disgusted by the sight of rugs made out of old dreads!

    Love the dog, and I always enjoy a good brewery. Too bad about the dog church. I think you’ll have to go back.


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