Rocksylvania Route: Pt. 9

September 25th, 2018

We had hoped the rain would stop by morning, but we had no such luck. We would have to tough it out to get into Duncannon. I was very pleased that we agreed yesterday to keep moving on from the last shelter. Otherwise we would have had a much longer hike in the pouring rain. I dreamed of pancakes, eggs, and bacon as we slipped through the mud and balanced over rock scrambles.

Once we got off the mountain, we crossed train tracks and made our way over and under bridges before walking through a residential neighborhood along High Street.

Looking like a straight-up club kid with my oversized rain pants.


As soon as we got to Goodie’s Restaurant, we ditched our rain gear, shook off as much water as we could, then went inside for a massive breakfast.

It continued to rain, so we found shelter across the street at the trail famous, Doyle Hotel. We had been here before since I came to visit Frisbee when he passed through on foot last year. As always, the quirky establishment didn’t fail to entertain. We still were full from breakfast, so we killed some time running to the EZ Mart to grab our final trail meals. We were a day away from my final destination.


Once we felt up to eating again, we ordered lunch, and waited for the rain to stop before bumming around town. Soon enough, we made our way back to the trail through a cloud of very hungry mosquitoes. It was a brutal climb out of town.


Once again, the fog rolled in ruining any chances for views. We only traveled a couple miles more to Cove Mountain Shelter where we’d explode our belongings everywhere in a last resort attempt to dry everything out. It was no use. A misty fog surrounded the whole vicinity.

This shelter is a “No Porcupine Party” Zone.


Distance Hiked: 8.3 miles (13.4 km)

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4 thoughts on “Rocksylvania Route: Pt. 9

  1. Oooh did you get to meet any of the porcupines? I would LOVE to see one! I mean, maybe not as a bunk buddy before we’ve been properly antiquated…but they have such cute little faces!

    I guess you had the whole space to yourselves if it was that soggy!?

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    1. Haha! Unfortunately I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting any porcupines. It’s one of natures creatures I’m still on the visual hunt for. And yes, we were lucky enough to spread out. We had been around some south bounders and section hikers, but I suppose they were at neighboring shelters. I love hiking, but rain can make it miserable! Makes you appreciate the simple joy of wearing dry socks! haha!

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