Pt 16 – Delhi Belly & Sticky Fingers

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Jules asked us to select our Truck Nominees the next morning. There were categories like the “Sexiest Male/Female,” “Dirtiest Mind,” the “Biggest Spender”. There also were others like, “Favorite Place Visited,” “Funniest Moment,” and “Worst Kept Secret.” Both Trevor and I listed “bowel movements” for that one. When you eat Indian food on the daily, these things are openly discussed. There’s no room for modesty, or your bowels!

As we drove towards New Delhi, the towns we passed through seemed to get more and more modern. We were also seeing other things to remind us that we’re still in India, like motorcycles driving on pedestrian bridges, and a seven-lane highway. A car that was straddling two lanes had a bumper sticker that read, “Follow Traffic Laws.” We eventually made it into the Karol Bagh district after traveling through a ridiculous amount of traffic.

After settling in our hotel room, we ventured out in the city to grab lunch at a nearby convenience store and a nasal inhaler from the pharmacy to help me breathe through the heavily polluted air. Then we strolled through the market place. A little kid ran up to us with his hand out begging for money, then he indiscreetly shoved his hand in Trevor’s pocket. I quickly grabbed the boy’s hand and scolded him. He fussed at us and again tried to dig through Trevor’s pocket. We yelled at him until he decided to give up. Unfortunately for the little boy, Trevor’s pockets were empty to begin with. After getting our fill of the crowds, we returned to the hotel to split a beer while trying to follow a game of cricket on TV.

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