Pt 22 – A Jolly Pig, Child Beer & Fast Food

Friday, January 15th, 2016

We enjoyed a nice breakfast of Chai, toast and jam, and hard-boiled eggs. I was not all that hungover, but was a little achy from contorting my body in every which direction from last nights “Box Game.” One of the other girls in the group was upset that she had to take a poop, and was afraid of doing so in the desert. I had happily taken care of that duty for the day already. The desert cow whose glowing eyes were shining in my direction mid-squat scared it out of me.

We loaded up the Jeeps and started making our way back to town. The Jeep we were riding in stalled a couple times. The second time, it took us a while to get it running again. The others in the Jeeps driving ahead of us were told to wait until we caught up. Once we did, the “modest poop girl” wasn’t looking so happy.

After we were settled back in the hotel, we headed back to town with Amelia and Carmel to get some grub. We passed by a pig joyfully rolling around in a puddle of sewage on our way, bringing the literal meaning to the idiom, “Happier than a pig in shit.” Carmel dropped off her pants to get tailored then we wandered over to the “Killa Corner Restaurant.” Their power went out right as we got seated, but we were still able to get a few banana lassi’s and some egg curry. We grabbed some beer to-go at a store down the street that said it sold “Child Beer” before returning to the hotel to do some more lounging.

It’s “Govt. Authorised” Child Beer at that!

We’d later head out to eat dinner at “Free Tibet Roof Top Restaurant” with some old and new members of the group. We chatted about the funny and awkward moments we had in the first leg of the trip and how certain English words are pronounced differently between countries. Not sure what I mean? Do you say, “AH-Loo-Ni-Mum” or “AH-Luh-Min-Ni-Um?” How would you say the words “Basil” or “Tube?” Does the phrase, “Double-fisting” make you feel uncomfortable?


I digress. One of the new guys had a fascination with America’s love of fast food. During our walk back, we were under the impression that the newbies were doing a good deal of trash talking the U.S. They also couldn’t stop talking about how gross American food was. I don’t even think he’d ever been to America before, and we were a little bothered by it. Not so much that we were offended. Neither of us really eat fast food and we mostly eat vegetarian food. I can also assure you, most Americans aren’t fans of most of the politicians running the country, and we don’t all enjoy watching “Honey Boo Boo” or “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” It’s just that during this whole trip, everyone we had met thus far was civil. We would soon notice the harmony we had developed with the diverse group in the first half of the trip was slowly going to shift as it collided with the unpleasantries of some of the newer members.

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