Pt 28 – A Game of Murder

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

In an attempt to avoid getting stuck in the catapult seats, we tried to get an early start to catch a rickshaw back to the truck before the others. Our plan was foiled when we found ourselves with one of the slowest rickshaw drivers ever. Disappointed, we made our way passed the others to the back of the truck. We were at least hoping to enjoy some good tunes during the drive. Nope. Not happening. We were denied that as well when one of the Golden Girls sitting under the speaker in front of us turned it off.

During the drive, Jules would introduce us all to the “Murder Game” which was suitable given our mood at the time. Game on! Each person had to draw one of each from a hat:

  • A name of a person in the group,
  • a “weapon” to kill them with, and
  • location or scenario – where or when you can “kill” them

I quoted the word “weapon” for a reason. I was supposed to kill the same Golden Girl who turned off the speaker with “nail polish” while she whistled. Not much of a weapon, but hey, it is just a game. The last surviving person wins, however it is considered murder-suicide if the person you kill is also the the same person who is supposed to be killing you, and vice versa.

We waited at the state border for our paperwork to get processed, and took a bathroom break at a gas station shortly after. After our break, we returned to the truck and Trevor flipped the speaker switch back on just out of spite. Once she noticed, it was quickly turned off again. I couldn’t wait to murder her later. I needed to find myself some nail polish STAT!

After a very nauseating, bumpy ride, we arrived at our hotel right outside of Mandu. Most of us would be camping out front of the hotel in the garden. The Golden Girls and some of the older members of the group decided to pay for their own hotel rooms instead.

We also had a new member of our crew join us that day named Rafik. He would be joining us for the next few days to cook our meals. I was one of the few members of the group scheduled to help prep dinner. A couple people working at the hotel decided to lend a hand as well. Some of the lazier members of the group didn’t bother showing up to assist until all the prep work was already done. Of course.

We had some drinks while Rafik cooked up some delicious and addicting chips made out of pasta, onion pakoras with chutney, and salty fried peppers. After our bellies were full, we all got toasty, in more ways the one, next to the parking lot fire we started together. I would have one too many drinks before climbing into my tent for the night.

Game Update: Trevor committed suicide when he killed Pat, and the Germans were on a killing spree for a while until Amelia knocked them off. Only a few of us were left alive.

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