Pt 8 – All Aboard the Night Train

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

We passed by an Incredible Hulk statue before waving down a songthaew to take us to the bus station.

One of my strongest attributes is my dorkiness

After grabbing some snacks to go, we took the Greenbus for the 3-hour drive back to Chiang Mai. This bus was much nicer than the last one we rode on, and the assistant handed out free bottles of water, wafers and moist towelettes.

I munched on my snacks as I watched two French tourists trying to hog two separate rows of seats instead of sitting in the ones assigned to them. A local was picked up and sat next to the French woman since her seat was taken and the French woman had a fit over it. In order to make her happy, her husband shooed the poor local woman away and sat back where he was supposed to. This made me roll my eyes. I suppose we’re all guilty of it at one time or another, but it’s no wonder when Thai people get irritated by the amount of tourists and their obnoxious behavior. I was even annoyed by it. I suppose because it made the rest of us look bad.

Happy to finally get off the bus, we took a rickshaw to the train station and got two sleeper car tickets to Ayutthaya. It would be a long 13-hour ride, and we figured we save on accommodations if we traveled overnight. After grabbing some Pad See Ew, Green Curry, and Leo beers for lunch, we snagged some Oreo cookies from the 7-11 across the street, then got on board the train.


Our pad for the night

I probably only slept two hours the whole trip. It was too bumpy of a ride to get settled. In case you didn’t know, trying to use the toilets on the train while in motion is an adventure in itself! If you’ve mastered this balancing act, I applaud you.

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