The Florida Trail: Chapter 4

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

We both slept well for a change and would see a whole lot of bear poop on the trail from the Eglin-Blackwater junction onward. One of the locals pulled over to warn us about bear activity yesterday, but so far we’ve only seen their poo.

The Blackwater Section which connects The Florida Trail to Alabama

We’d get our first taste of swamp walking, and I did everything in my power to keep my bad toe out of it! A skin infection was not something I felt like dealing with.

The hike involved climbing over a lot of downed trees, detaching thorn bushes from my legs and dodging our first wildlife sighting that wasn’t a bird, a black rat snake. There were a few nice conifer sections before we were walking back on residential streets.

We took a quick peek around the old Canoe Cemetery before taking a lunch break out front of River’s Edge campground.

From there, we walked the road passed a large group of loose Chow Chows into the tiny town of Holt, where we resupplied and ate some tasty southern cooking at Sherry’s Diner.

Once we felt a little more reenergized, we took the long road walk along Route 90 towards Crestview.

Just before we crossed the bridge over the Yellow River (again), a guy in a black car stopped to offer us a ride, food, a place to stay, you name it! As tempting as it sounded, we weren’t trying to “yellow blaze” passed any sections of the Florida Trail, even the miserable road walking bits. He asked us about our trail names and said he happened to be reading my blog. If you’re reading this right now, thanks buddy! We truly appreciated the offer!

Right after chatting with him, we heard a ruckus on the side of the bridge and saw our first wild pigs, and a lot of them!

My excitement scared them away pretty quickly, especially the piglets. I felt bad, but I get pretty stoked over nature. I can’t help myself sometimes.

We were feeling a bit battered, but found our resting place for the night at the Motel Hilton.

24.7 miles (39.8 km)

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