The Florida Trail: Chapter 6

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

It rained a little overnight, but I’d sleep well. The day would start out sunny walking along bog bridges, through conifer forests and passed Anise plants.

We’d meet another NOBO named G Funk, a triple crowner from Austria. Shortly after we’d take Old SR 285 to “New” SR 285 where we’d hit our 100 mile mark!

The trail turned into grassy fields. Lizards were scurrying up trees as I walked by. We’d get a short rain shower before the trail turned from grasses to a mossy wonderland!

We’d stop briefly at the Highest Point on the Florida Trail then keep moving until the trail transitioned to scenery that reminded us both of the Appalachian Trail’s green tunnel.

It would start drizzling again as we arrived at Alaqua campsite. It had been a long day and we both looked forward to bed.

24.9 miles (40.1 km)

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2 thoughts on “The Florida Trail: Chapter 6

  1. I miss you guys. Stay right. At least the first big split. I have a feeling Inverness fl. Is the place to go.
    Love you guys have fun, or start over.

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