The Florida Trail: Chapter 7

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

We woke up to a flooded tent. Most of Frisbee’s belongings were soaked, and a few of mine were too. Neither of us were in a great mood as we shivered while packing up our drenched gear. We began to hike, hoping to eventually thaw out. We covered a good amount of distance before we were warm again.

The day got better as the trail became more and more beautiful. We were both incredibly impressed with the quality of trail maintenance that we’ve experienced thus far. Especially the impressive work done with the swinging bridges and the boardwalks. The shingles on the boards was pretty damn efficient when it came to making them slip resistant.

Once we got to Route 331, it was time to hitch north to DeFuniak Springs. It took us 30 minutes but our dancing and waving won the hearts of two guys in a pickup truck that turned around to help us out. They were kind enough to drop us 6 miles north at the Walmart where we resupplied after eating at Arby’s. I should have expected their Reuben wouldn’t be so great, but I needed the calories.

Frisbee waved us down a ride, a young kid who just bought a MacBook Pro from another guy in the parking lot, who dropped us off at the firehouse across the street from the trail. Then the last stretch of our hike began.

The beginning involved a lot of road walking. Frisbee picked up all the trash on the side of the highway for shits and giggles. A quarter which he kept, a Florida license plate, a Santa hat that he hung on a street sign, and a tire that he rolled down a private driveway. Fun! Eventually we were back in the woods.

Apparently there are burrow owls around, and I was determined to find one. I was not successful.

We stopped in an open field at Steephead campsite to set up for the night, and went to bed after we ate dinner. The coyotes howled and yipped throughout the cold night.

17.4 miles (28.0 km)

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