The Florida Trail: Chapter 8

Thursday, February 14th, 2019

Although we had the doors open, there was a ridiculous amount of condensation on the inside of the tent which was now icing over, and there were water droplets forming on the outside of my sleeping bag. Fortunately we were in an open field, so we laid out all of our gear to dry in the sun for a few hours before hiking on.

It wasn’t long until we had to decide to walk the high water route along the dirt road or to hike a half mile to see if the creek was flooded. We risked it and it turned out in our favor! My feet were submerged a few times, but it was a fun time in my opinion!

The bulk of the day we were walking through grasses and climbing over trees that likely fell down during Hurricane Michael. My legs got butchered by those damn dick bushes as we passed through.

The end of the day we went through hundred of pine trees through private property which also had two old sod farm sprinklers.

As we approached the road, I swore I saw a bear dart across the trail ahead of us, but it was too far to be certain. It would make sense given the amount of poop we’ve hiked by. The Florida Trail is definitely nature’s toilet. There is a whole lot of shit out here!

Frisbee wanted to attempt to hitch to the Bruce Cafe for a Valentine’s Day meal. It took us no time at all! The third car that went by turned around to pick us up. Sadly, the cafe has changed their hours since the Guthook app was last updated. They closed at 2.

But the gas station across the street by the same name was open, so we got some snacks and a slice of pizza. After we finished eating and were preparing to hitch out, one of the people at the gas station waiting on his wife and kid offered to take us back since it was on their way home. Score!

Once we were back on trail, we took the short hike to Rivers Bend campsite, set up shop, and started a fire. Hopefully the night will be a little warmer this time.

15.6 miles (25.1 km)

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