Pt 19 – Planes, Trains & Automobiles to Phuket

Friday, February 12th, 2016

We were both pretty much over Pattaya. The side of it we saw was too slimy for our liking. We took a songthaew to the bus station where we grabbed a bus back to Bangkok. Once we were back in the big city, we tracked down the skywalk to take us to the metro. We were going to have to take several different metro trains to get to the light rail to take us to the airport. Luckily, once we figured out our stops, we were able to get there with no trouble.

During the ride, I was fascinated by a blind couple playing with their toddler-aged son that had vision. He was adorable, and I was impressed with their ability to get around. Just thinking about not having my sight seems terrifying, so it’s inspiring to see people getting around without letting it interfere with living every day to the fullest.


A lot of time was killed at the airport, but we were at least able to book a shuttle to our next hotel with the airport’s free WiFi, and got to enjoy the free snacks at the airport lounge. When it was time to go, we loaded up on the shuttle to the plane, and napped during the hour-long flight to Phuket.

When we got there, I thought we were getting stood up again, just like we did at Chiang Mai, except this time I had already paid for the drive to our hotel. None of the signs held up by the wall of drivers had my name on it. Fortunately he was just late. I looked out the window with droopy eyes to take in what I could of Phuket’s nightlife as we traveled to our guesthouse, “The Cozy House”. It had been a very long day of planes, trains and automobiles.

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