The Florida Trail: Chapter 16

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

While busting through grassy fields, all I was thinking was, “please don’t let me step on any snakes today.” I was still paranoid after yesterday’s run in with the Pygmy rattler. My prayers were answered, but it was Frisbee’s turn. In my moment of tunnel vision, I bypassed it, but Frisbee almost stepped on a corn snake.

Just another snake in the grass

We’d take a break at Sapling Head campsite before my frustrations got the best of me. Between the deer ticks, the blow downs and overgrowth, the vines that kept tripping me, and being very dehydrated, I was over it.

I went totally beast mode, busting through the vegetation, startling many grasshoppers. We took a breather on the side of the road and I tried to hydrate some before trudging on to camp.

Color brought to you by: Tannins!

I was unusually tired. I think the lack of sleep was catching up to me.

It was a short hiking day, and I’d go to sleep while the sun was still shining outside.

13.4 miles (21.6 km)

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