Pt 20 – Views for Days Around Phuket

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

I loosely planned out our day before we walked down the street to “Coffee Corner” to get breakfast. We returned to book the room for one more night, but the manager had stepped out. The cleaning lady, who also happened to run the restaurant next door, helped us out and got us on the phone with him to reserve our room. After getting that approved, we headed out in the heat towards Nai Harn Beach, pushing up the hill to see Windmill Viewpoint.



There were two couples getting their wedding picture taken there and the view was nice, however we were scorched, so we walked down the hill to Ya Nui Beach to take a dip with the fishes.


We’d battle more hills to get to Promthep Cape which had a lovely view, and a shrine surrounded by elephant statues near the lighthouse.


We turned around and walked all the way back to Nai Harn Beach to cool off in the water again before trucking it all the way back to our hotel room to cool off. We both needed a break from the heat before exploring the area further.

We sweated profusely as we hiked to the Karon Viewpoint. My skin felt like it was frying off. The sunlight by Thailand’s islands is without a doubt the hottest I’ve ever experienced anywhere else before. It’s intense!


There was more touristy sights over on this side of town. We walked by a Muay Thai Training Facility, two elephant parks, and crossed paths with several Westerners on four-wheelers. After tending to my dehydration-triggered headache by grabbing water at a zip lining facility, we headed back. On the way, we stopped to get a beer at a random bar, which also happened to be a massage parlor, then ate dinner next door to our guesthouse at the “Brown Rice Restaurant”.

We would head out yet again to take in some of the nightlife. Our first stop was at a place called the “Tac Tac Bar” where we played a few games of darts and pool, and cuddled with a cat that was wandering around the vicinity.


A boisterous group of tourists with prostitutes wrapped around them entered the bar, so we decided to check out a different watering hole. Pretty much all the other bars nearby were also on the shifty side, so we just settled for a place called “Apple Bar”. We were surrounded by stripper poles and there was a child sitting next to us at the bar table, a gecko climbing on the ceiling, and hookers playing pool, Jenga and Connect Four nearby. After our drinks, we made our way back for one last night at the guesthouse. Tomorrow were were going to stay on the other side of town.

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