The Florida Trail: Chapter 18

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

We got up bright and early to start making our way to Crawfordville. After a rough several days in Apalachicola, we were going to make our exit and reward ourselves with a night at the Best Western. You never realize how much you appreciate showers, beds and clean clothing until it’s unavailable!

The scenery along the Sopchoppy River was mesmerizing. After having such a bad time in Apalachicola, it was nice to make our exit on a high note.

We’d walk away from the river and listen to gunshots from a nearby shooting range as the scenery switched to swamp and pine forest.

We hit our 300 mile mark which was great. What wasn’t so great were the number of deer ticks that were appearing on our legs. Frisbee was getting the bulk of them. Eventually we’d sign the register and stand by the side of the road to catch a hitch into town.

It took a while, but we eventually caught a hitch to the Best Western where they only had one room available. We got lucky!

In a nutshell, we took several showers, did laundry, and ate some good BBQ at Hamaknockers down the street.

After our meal, we met former Florida Trail hiker Chuck Norris (trail name, not Mr. Walker Texas Ranger himself), his other half who was currently hiking, Tigger, and their cute dog, Chigger. We swapped info and they were kind enough to drop us off at Rocky’s gas station to resupply. It was a mellow day and we really, really needed it!

13.8 miles (22.2 km)

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