The Florida Trail: Chapter 19

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

We utilized our hotel room down to the last minute and even made 3 separate runs to their complimentary breakfast, which was one of the best I’ve ever had at a hotel in the past, I might add! It began to rain and we were loving our stay so much that we debated taking a zero. Fortunately the rain ceased right before check out, so we got to stepping instead.

The third person who drove by us while we had our thumbs out picked us up and returned us to the trail. NOBO hiker Tigger had informed us yesterday about a section of trail that was closed. We didn’t see any signage, but smelled smoke, and took her word for it, taking the road around it.

We’d be happy we did, because once we got around, there was signage for NOBOs right at the trailhead. This saved us a good deal of backtracking around what we suspected was a prescribed burn.

Before entering the woods, we were excited to see some trail magic in a box left under a gnome! Thanks Paul and Jan Geyer! You rock!

There were a few blow downs throughout the day, but nothing too tricky to get around.

We arrived at Porter Tract campsite where we had originally planned on staying. It wasn’t even 2:30 yet, and although we were liking the idea of a short day back on trail, that was just too early for us to be lollygagging around for. Plus there were a bunch of ticks in the area.

We continued a few miles further to Wakulla Field camp site. We probably could’ve done more mileage, but settled in instead. The pollen was thick and we’d hear noises in the night (likely raccoons), but it was an otherwise pleasant place to crash.

13.3 miles (21.4 km)

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