The Florida Trail: Chapter 21

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Around 7 am we were packed and ready to go. But first, Coffee! It was drizzling a little as we talked to the employees of Shell Island Fish Camp over our cups of Joe. Then one of them got us settled in on a boat, and took us down the river and back on trail.

Frisbee had been attempting to chase raccoons off from the trash cans all night at camp and none of them were phased by him. On the other hand, the one we’d see on trail was very terrified by us and quickly bolted up a tree as we approached.

The first stretch was all forest roads and we’d see more wildlife, like deer and our first alligator, as we crossed the levee by Stony Bayou Pool.

The scenery of the marshes was pretty and we’d see a bunch more gators as we traveled further along the levee.

We’d break for lunch at Ring Dike campsite, then we’d walk under palms and over mud before the trail switched over to an old highway road.

We’d meet a NOBO named Critter, followed by two others, Schweppes and Mayor with his Shiba Inu named Cat Fox, before we got our feet wet and started road walking on Route 98.

Our final stop for the night was at JR’s Aucilla River Store where there was limited resupply, but a free place to camp thanks to the kind lady who runs the place, Irma.

After eating ice cream, we sat in our tent to avoid the bugs and watched the chickens running around from our screen. I’d soon learn that chickens can climb trees.

22.4 miles (36.0 km)

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