Pt 22 – The Swelter Shelter, Sunday Market & Dehydration

Sunday, February 14th, 2016 … continued

We grabbed breakfast back at “The Breakfast Hut”, then we returned to grab our bags from the lobby. The manager was still apologetic and directed us a couple buildings down to a taxi service that would drive us to Old Phuket Town, our next destination.

The driver would get lost and annoyed, and tried to boot us out at random locations. After the morning we had already experienced, we weren’t having it! He drove around in circles until we found a place with free WiFi to help direct us to “Sunny Hostel”.

Eventually we located it, got checked in, and discovered why our room was so cheap. It was a tiny room with bunk beds, which wasn’t a big deal, but there was absolutely no air conditioning. It was a swelter shelter! We figured we’d be fine toughing it out. We’re notorious for not using air conditioning back at home during the summer, and there was a fan on the wall, at least. After sweating in our room a while, we headed out to explore Old Town.


We checked out some of the shops and admired the beautiful architecture. Once it got a little later, we headed over towards the night market and passed an awesome graffiti wall on the way.


After getting lost, we eventually found ourselves close to the market and decided to eat at “B-Cat Cafe” (yep, another cat cafe). I ordered the Pork in Gravy with Wide Noodles, and Trevor got Baked Spinach with Cheese. I was getting ready to head to the room full of kitties next door, but was told there was still a fee even though we purchased food there. Lame. We left behind some much needed cuddles.

We strolled through the night market and watched some street performers before grabbing a beer, and listening to live electronic music at “43 Guesthouse”. The market was huge, so we ventured out to explore more shops and listened to several musicians performing on different stages scattered throughout the noisy street. A drone flew overhead as we returned to the hostel.


I’d toss and turn trying to sleep through the humidity. I stripped down to nothing and still didn’t feel any relief from the fan. I needed water.

After first taking a peek in the lobby refrigerator to see if there was any water inside, I walked out the door to head to the market, passing three older, disgruntled French tourists who were complaining to the man at the front desk about the conditions of the hostel. They were staying next door to us and I suppose they weren’t expecting the lack of air conditioning either.

While at the market, I walked by Super Girl dancing in the street as I bobbed and weaved through the crowds of people in search of something cold to drink. Once I snatched a bottle of water from a vendor, I returned to the hostel where I had to convince the person at the front desk that I was never given the passcode, but was indeed a patron. Once back in the room, I chugged down the water while listening to the French tourists ranting and raving next door. They were noisy, but after rehydrating myself, I was finally able to sleep through the muggy air.

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