Pt 24 – Mudskipper Fight, “Dirty” Laundry & Airport Snooze

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

After prepping for our departure, we walked down the street to grab an Americano and a Green Tea Latte from “Koko Nest Coffee,” then ate omelettes for breakfast at “Hometel.” close by our hostel. We wandered downtown a bit and checked out a few of the shops before settling down in a shaded area at the park for some people watching.


I’d later find some amusement watching the mudskippers flopping around in the silt. Two of them were having a Battle Royale as the tide slowly crept in behind them, putting them underwater again. It was a nice morning of relaxing, and taking the time to pause to wind down after many days on the move.


We’d walk around the corner to eat lunch at “Choke Dee Restaurant.” The Massaman Curry with Tofu was incredible! Trevor seemed to be enjoying his Tofu Green Curry as well.

Posters? Goldfish? Really???

He’d get another round of coffee, and we’d take another stroll through the market before waving down a songthaew to take us to the airport.


Just being nosey. Don’t mind me.

We planned on sleeping at the airport so we could quickly board our early morning flight to Bangkok the next day, but we weren’t allowed to check in until then. We regretted tossing out all the snacks we just had so prematurely. We were going to be without food for a while.

We located a quiet place downstairs; quiet in the sense that there was little human traffic to create additional noise to the intercom blasting messages throughout the night. Trevor curled up on the floor. I journaled a bit and witnessed a girl across the room snapping pictures of us before unfolding a cardboard box on the floor so she could get settled in for the night too.


I attempted to sleep, but was unable to doze off with the chatter coming from the floors above us, and from the loudspeaker announcements that were loud enough to wake the dead. I’d eventually start to nod off, but would be woken up by a someone upstairs using A LOT of packing tape. I’d only be able to rest my eyes. The sandman would never come to my rescue.

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