Pt 25 – Breath on my Neck & Getting Crop Dusted by Strangers

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Sleep deprived and hopeful that we could check in early, we lugged ourselves up the stairs and towards our boarding gate at 3 am. Sadly, we wouldn’t be so fortunate.

I was also sad that we never saw fire breathers, or guitar playing baboons during our visit like this advertisement promises.

At least it was much quieter than where we had previously been. We decided to try to take advantage of the peace and quiet. Even the airport security guards were in the middle of a power nap.

We started to settle in until one of the guards woke up and turned the air conditioning up to the tundra setting. We relocated to an open hallway for the next hour before a wave of people rushed in with hopes of being the first in line. This is very important to some people for reasons unknown to me.

A very impatient man was quite literally breathing down my neck as I checked in with the woman at the front desk. He also proceeded to hover over other people who were trying to get checked in at other stalls, rather than waiting back in line for one of them to become available. I tried to think of reasons to excuse him for being so rudely inpatient. Traveler’s diarrhea? Perhaps. That seems like a good reason not to stand still while in a hurry. We passed through security and immigration before taking the bus to our gate. The neck breather happened to be sitting in the row next to us on our way back to Bangkok. Imagine that? Only one in the queue ahead of you and we both made it on the plane.

We disembarked once we made it back to Bangkok, and headed to the next gate to wait for our flight. An Indian man stood next to me and farted loudly three times before rushing off to the bathroom. It’s always a joy to be crop dusted by strangers. Just like his essence, a rumor floated around us that our flight was delayed, but then we were told the pilot just parked the plane at the wrong gate, So we joined a few others rushing to the other side of the wing to board the correct plane. We waved goodbye to Thailand as we took off and looked forward to exploring a new country. Next stop, Cambodia!

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