Tales Between Trails: Florida to Arizona

The days leading up to the present have been eventful to say the least. Since leaving the Florida Trail, we spent some quality time in Tampa with Frisbee’s parents. We ate well, explored a lot, and even got to see the river turn green for St. Patrick’s Day.

It was not all happy and joyful though. I also got bad news from home. My handsome little fur baby, Marley (aka Mr. Bob) was put down. He had been diagnosed with cancer over a year ago and the symptoms were finally catching up with him.

I was, and still am heartbroken that I couldn’t hold him one last time. This made an enduring day of traveling from Tampa to a long layover in Phoenix, then to Tucson even more painful. I did my best to be grateful for the time I had spent with him, all 18+ years of them, and tried to enjoy our short stay in Tucson.

We spent some of our day with Bill T, a member of our 2017 Appalachian Trail family, who has recently moved there. As sad as I was, it was a fun distraction. Tucson is an awesome city. Next stop, the Arizona-Mexico Border!

4 thoughts on “Tales Between Trails: Florida to Arizona

  1. Hi! You met my husband (Shane- blue ford pickup) in Vail so now we are following your progress! I wish you a wonderful adventure on your journey!

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