The Arizona Trail: Part 5

Monday, March 25th, 2019

I sniffled throughout the night listening to the coyotes howling and yipping so close by that I thought I might catch a glimpse of them from the tent. I didn’t, but we did catch some nice mountain views as we shooed the cows off the trail later on that morning.

We made a pit stop at Kentucky Camp which consisted of five adobe buildings that were built during the early 20th century and are currently being restored.

There, we met a Canadian hiker named Detour. She was having some issues with her leg, so Frisbee informed her on how to tape it, and some good stretches to relieve some of the discomfort. He’s no stranger to leg and knee issues. She hiked on as we took a quick lunch break, and explored the property.

We only had two short climbs before we were bumping along past more educational placards on gold mining. There would be scenery in front of us as well as behind us, so we would stop often to adore the views.

We ran back into Gnat who was taking a break in the shade by a water trough. She warned us about the wasp nest nearby as Frisbee filled up. I don’t go into anaphylactic shock or anything like that when I get stung, but I swell horribly and usually develop cellulitis when I do. I was already feeling more and more sick as the day progressed, so a wasp sting was not worth the fill up in my opinion. Frisbee was kind enough to grab some for me. Water would be scarce the next several miles.

We found ourselves in a prickly pear paradise as we pressed on. There were also long, leggy thorn bushes scattered throughout that reminded me of something out of a Tim Burton movie.

We’d finally get to fill up on water again at a wash, then would meet a German couple at the top of the hill that were section hiking.

We pushed on, stopping at a flat area surrounded by cacti around mile 97.1. I had no appetite, but managed to force myself to eat something as we watched a gorgeous sunset. I felt like crap, but it had been a scenic day.

Distance Traveled: 24.3 miles (39.1 km)

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