Pt 5 – Central Market, Skateboarding & Burritos

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

We scarfed down the hostel’s free breakfast, booked our flights home from Vietnam, grabbed a few necessities at the convenience store while also trying to get rid of the loose change that had accumulated in our pockets, then sat in the room to plan out the rest of our time in Phnom Penh.

…Push it real good.

We also booked our transport to Battambang (don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I still have no clue), paid the hostel for our last night, and then took the squeaky ride to Central Market.


We started in the center of the marketplace which was mostly jewelry, then wandered through the other wings which presented clothing, electronics and household appliances for sale. Eventually we found what we were looking for, the food!


Soon we were surrounded by various fruit, random items on sticks, stinky seafood that was mostly still breathing, and even honey from bee-covered combs being squeezed into jars.


We split a Banh Chiao, which was a pancake with pork filling. It was delicious! Next we ate at a place serving vegetable rice and noodle dishes at the hands of a very determined vendor.


We washed down all the yummy food with a beer, then headed towards the river, visiting several shops on the way. We enjoyed a couple more beers by the riverside at the “Khmer Royal Hotel”.


After our drinks, we walked back towards the Grand Palace and to Friendship Park where we watched a small group of skateboarders. I convinced Trevor to take one out for a joyride, with the kid’s permission of course. Then we passed Independence Monument and had another round of drinks at a place called “The Penthouse”.


I suppose we were kicking back a little too many since we’d soon get into a small argument on the way back to the hotel. I found myself eating dinner alone at a place called “Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill”. I really would have preferred to have spent less money at a small vendor, but here I was. The Red Hot Burrito Mojado was tasty, but I was only able to eat half. I offered what was left to Trevor as a peace offering back at the hotel before curling up in bed.

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