The Arizona Trail: Part 28

Saturday, April 20th, 2019

The morning was chilly and windy, but we kept catching glimpses of the lake. We got off track again. This whole section has been very poorly marked.

We shivered as we took a snack break at Double Springs campground. The single track would follow alongside an old, early 20th-century logging railroad bed.

I’d pick up a feather with an yellow-orange shaft and Frisbee stuck it in my hat. It bothered me, so I sat it on a rock and hiked on. Funny enough, an older, southbound hiker was approaching us shortly after with the same type of feather in his hat. He told us he finished the trail earlier this year, and that the feather belonged to a Northern Flicker. We told him the location of the feather. The one in his hat had seen better days.

We took a lunch break in a wide open filed with a nice view of the San Francisco peaks. We were getting closer.

We passed a scenic tank before filling up at the next one, Horse Lake tank. It was windy, which was making the water a little silty, but we yet again, got another nice view of the mountains.

Once we got out of the wind by the Lake View campground junction, we took another break. As we hiked on, a herd of at least 50 elk crossed our path. It was pretty incredible!

Then the scenery would continue to impress with more mountains and a view of Lake Mary.

We passed Prime Lake which was too muddy to access the water, then camped near mile 557.7.

We would have a minor disturbance early in the night. Three cars were driving in circles in the parking lot and one of them, a large truck, had people who got out of the vehicle and shined a spotlight on our tent. Nothing became of it fortunately!

24.1 miles (38.8 km)

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