The Arizona Trail: Part 30

Monday, April 22nd – Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

We would have two zero days in Flagstaff, since I had to wait on my medications to be delivered. The zeroes weren’t wanted, but Flag was a good place to get stuck in. Expensive, but good.

We hitched out of the National Forest and into town in the back of a truck. After grabbing coffee and our free donut from Matador Coffee Roasting Co., we walked a little further to eat more breakfast at Mike and Rhonda’s The Place. It was another Flagstaff locale that we were revisiting from our road trip six years back.

Frisbee’s parents have a timeshare with Marriott and hooked us up with one night at the Residence Inn. The room was the size of a small apartment! That was beyond generous of them! If the room wasn’t awesome enough, they had a free breakfast, a hot tub, and a laundry facility. Our stay was so refreshing (aside from the noisy neighbors above us the first night), that we decided to splurge and get another night. The people upstairs during night one were screaming profanities, slamming objects around violently, and sounded like they were physically fighting one another until 4 am. I take it they destroyed the room since we heard the staff making repairs the following morning.

Outside of lounging and wandering town, we’d knock out some hiker chores during our zeroes. We hitched to the post office to pick up a package, then hitched back. We’d buy a few needed items from REI, Babbitt’s and Run Flagstaff, such as shoes, socks, underwear (No more granny panties!), and rain jackets. I’d be stuck with my duct tape covered Frogg Toggs until the end of the hike; mine was ordered online. We resupplied at Whole Foods and Natural Grocer. I regretted my purchases after seeing the variety of cheap eats at the gas station. At least Frisbee scored a bunch of free bars from some people at the hotel, which saved us some money. Our breakfasts were free from the hotel, and very, very good, and our lunches and dinners were mostly at Whole Foods. Although we ate a dinner at Dara Thai when Rosey’s recommended Red Curry restaurant was closed, and a lunch with Legend. He successfully beat the Fastest Known Time for the Arizona Trail, the supported AND unsupported time! We wanted to buy him a celebratory meal before his flight out, so he picked us up in his rental car and took us to MartAnne’s Mexican Restaurant. I kind of wished their portions were larger. Our hiker hunger had us all ravenous, especially Legend, I’d imagine!

We were enjoying our zeroes, but eager to get back on trail for the sake of our wallets, and our sanity!

0 miles (0 km)

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