The Arizona Trail: Part 38

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Perhaps we shouldn’t have slept at 9,000 feet next to the East Rim Overlook. My toes felt like ice. You know I’m cold when I won’t leave the warmth of my sleeping bag for a stunning sunrise two steps from the tent. I tried to fall back asleep, but between the singing song birds, the woodpeckers pecking at trees and the grouse flapping their wings, I decided it was time to wake up.

We got a late start after taking the time to thaw out our gear and defrost ourselves in the sun. We weren’t done with the snow, but it would only be in short spurts.

We took our first break along the dirt road in Tater Canyon, and filled up on fresh water from the large pools formed by snow melt.

We had a few climbs before our lunch break at Telephone Hill Trailhead. Most of the trees were toppled over on a nearly bald hill. We had a view of a reddish-purple plateau as we hiked over snow drifts.

We took an early dinner at Murray Lake Trailhead.

Before getting there, we passed a southbound AZT hiker name Iceman. Frisbee told him that he’s going to melt. It’s hot in the south and getting hotter. Most southbounders start in the fall when the weather is tolerable. Given his tiny pack and the fact that I really had to poop, I kept it short with him, thinking he was just a day hiker walking from the trailhead less than a mile ahead.

While eating there, we also met a girl named Rebecca and her cute Welsh Corgi named Kaya. She’s an online professor on the road following her AZT hiking husband named Tyson. He was right behind us, but we hadn’t met him yet. They were staying the night there. We were hiking a bit further. We wanted to get to Orderville Trailhead so we could hitch right to Jacob Lake in the morning for breakfast.

After a walk in the woods, we did just that and camped next to the parking lot.

30.3 miles (48.8 km)

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