Pt 6 – Man’s Best Friend (or Food?) & Crazy House

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Our walk from the hotel in search of coffee took us passed a man using a blowtorch on a dead dog on the side of the road. We both were disturbed by this, and started to wonder. Do the Vietnamese eat dogs?

We found coffee at “Xua Cafe” around the corner where they gave Trevor a coffee dripper and hot water. By the time the hot water traveled through the grounds, his coffee was too cold. I don’t know if it was actually cold or just too cold for him. He likes his coffee the same temperature as lava, so it’s hard to tell. Trevor would develop more and more malice towards Vietnamese coffee the more he ordered it.


On the bright side, the little old lady who lived next to the restaurant had a pet Chihuahua wearing a shirt, so we at least knew that some Vietnamese people probably don’t eat dog. We tried to convince ourselves that we had passed a dog crematorium, and carried on with our day.


After a short walk down the street, we eventually found “Crazy House.” One of the girls who worked there told us that the lady who owns the property is an architect and continues to add on to the building that she began creating back in the 1970’s. She still lives on the property to this day.


Several of the rooms are available to book overnight, and all were themed based on plants and animals. Trevor’s favorite was the Land Eagle Room, but I liked the Ant Room the most (sadly, I didn’t get a good picture of it). There was even a Honeymoon Room that was two floors, but you could only see the bottom half.

Pheasant Room
Gourd Room
Land Eagle Room

In other areas, there were rooms and buildings still in the process of being built and designed, and one of the rooms appeared to be dolphin-themed. There were several bridges and balconies spanning across some of the buildings which had us running around the property like little kids on a playground, while also enjoying the views of Da Lat from above.


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