The Pinhoti Trail: Part 4

Sunday, May 12th, 2019

We crossed a creek with a pretty waterfall nearby as we hiked in the rain to Porter’s Gap. Spacejam would meet us in town later.

The rain started to let up as we got closer. When we got to Porter’s Gap, we started making an effort to hitch into Talladega, Alabama.

After numerous failed attempts, we got picked up by a man and his cousin. He told us that he normally doesn’t pick up hitchhikers, but when Frisbee held out his “prayer hands” begging for a ride, he said he couldn’t pass us up. They were unfamiliar with the Pinhoti, so we told him about the trail and our journey so far.

They dropped us off at Walmart and we walked down the street to McDonald’s to get second breakfast, suck up some free WiFi, and then call our moms. It was Mother’s Day. Spacejam would eventually catch up and meet us there. Frisbee and I decided to stay in town to dry out our gear at the nearby Super 8. Spacejam would decide to hike on. We couldn’t persuade him to stick around, so we told him we’d catch up with him later if he didn’t hike too far ahead.

We all resupplied at Walmart, and Frisbee and I checked into our hotel. We had a view of Spacejam standing on the side of the road from our balcony, working on hitching out of town. We playfully messaged him to “just give up” and “stay for the night”. Once again, our skills of persuasion were no match for his determination. After a long attempt, he got a local Trail Angel to shuttle him back.

The rest of the day was spent drying out our gear on the balcony, washing a few items of clothing in the sink, and lounging in our room, only leaving to eat spicy chicken and beans & rice at Popeye’s.

5.8 miles (9.3 km)

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