Pt 11 – Locked In Abroad (Again), A Game Show & Moldy Tofu

Monday, March 7th, 2016

We woke up earlier than the staff, and dropped our key off at the front desk before discovering that we were locked inside the hotel, unable to leave! We told the lady in the lobby yesterday about our plans to take an early bus ride out of town, but she was nowhere to be found. It turned out that she was sleeping in the back room, and woke up just in time to let us out without missing our ride.


We found ourselves on a nearly empty bus at 6:45 am, with only one other straggler on board with us. As we traveled to Hue, we started picking up people along the way and the crew turned on the overhead televisions, putting a TV show on called “Crack Them Up.” The dialogue was all in Vietnamese, so I could only guess what was going on. From what I could gather, it was a game show with three judges, and the goal of the contestants was to make the judges laugh. The name kind of gives it away, I suppose. The volume was on full blast, so sleeping during the drive wasn’t a possibility, at least not for me.

We stopped at a rest stop that had tofu Banh Mi sandwiches. Trevor was so hungry he practically inhaled his. I got through a few bites of mine before I saw something unpleasant. The tofu on my sandwich had mold on it. I informed Trevor who immediately turned pale. We could only hope we weren’t going to develop food poisoning during the drive.

Since I had tossed out my spoiled sandwich, I was still hungry, so I was happy when we stopped at another place for snacks later on. After buying some Oreo cookies, we got a laugh when we witnessed a group of young adults staring and giggling at Trevor. I get it, tall white dude with a beard. Not something they probably see everyday. Unfortunately for them, they were so busy being amused by Trevor’s appearance, that their bus ended up pulling away without them on it. They started to chase after it, only to find themselves stranded there as their bus and their luggage drove away.

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