Pt 20 – Kayaking, Luon Cave & Spring Rolls

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

We packed up bright and early, and joined the others for breakfast before taking the dinghy to Luon Cave. Peter advised us to leave our shoes once we were dropped off on the pier to go kayaking.


The scenery was nice, but it wouldn’t be long before we were all sopping wet and cold. We amused ourselves as we made a tight squeeze through the tunnel while yelling, “Extreme Kayaking!” as a tour boat was passing through from the opposite direction. It was a little depressing to see one of the caves filled with trash, and we decided not to travel to the section that appeared roped off, so we worked our way back. I would regret this later since once we got out of the water, we’d see golden monkeys running along the shoreline and in the trees while some of the others kayaked nearby.

Back at the ship, we changed out of our wet clothing, checked out of our room, paid for our tab, and enjoyed the views from inside. It was too chilly to comfortably relish in the scenery from the upper deck. Peter brought out chicken and vegetarian fillings for spring rolls and showed us how to make them. We all took turns rolling them before the crew took the finished product to the kitchen to fry them up for lunch. They turned out to be delicious!


Once we were back at the boat dock, we waited in the cafe for the bus. Peter would show up with a flag, which we had seem many times before to help guide Chinese tourists around. He used it to direct us through the crowd back to our bus.

All of our bags were stacked in the back, and I noticed mine was awfully wobbly right above Peter’s head. This had me nervous the whole trip and I prayed that it wouldn’t fall on top of him. Yet another statue shop was visited, and a massive flock of ducks crossed the road before we were dropped back off at “Golden Time Hostel.”

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