Pt 22 – Paint By Numbers, Mechanics & Lanterns

Monday, March 14th, 2016

The morning was mellow and uneventful. When lunch time came around, we headed back to “Hanoi Social Club” with our fingers crossed, hoping that they attained some more craft brews. Our wish was granted! We both had an IPA with our meal, which was the Leafy Salad with rocket, baby spinach, roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, and balsamic dressing for me. Trevor went with the falafel, which I enjoyed the day prior.


After a very delicious meal, we grabbed another IPA and headed to the rooftop. There was a very cute kitty exploring the balcony and the customers. Trevor played with it before it was violently snatched by the waitress and taken downstairs.


After catching a good buzz, we went strolling through Hanoi. We checked out one of the coffee sellers, and then considered purchasing one of the many gorgeous paintings that were being sold in various shops. Our trip was coming to an end, and we wouldn’t have to lug it around too long.

One of the art galleries offered to ship one home at a very cheap price, but we kept browsing around to see if there was one we both liked before making any quick decisions. We would be glad we did. Often when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. During a visit to one of the shops, we’d see an “artist” working on one of the paintings in the back, only to discover that they weren’t done through hard work and talent, but through a “paint by numbers” tactic. This made the artwork much less appealing. Shortly after, we’d read the fine print and notice they were titled “reproduction paintings.”


Instead of buying a painting, we bought some more beer at “Tram6” which turned out to be an awesome venue for people watching. Across the street, there were mechanics working on motorbikes, and motorbikes being sold to locals and tourists alike. We chatted with a girl from Sweden and her new friend from France, both who recently purchased motorbikes to ride through Vietnam.

A Honda Ruckus, one of the toys we both have back at home.

We’d return to the hostel to do some more loafing around before walking down the street to “Lantern Lounge” for dinner and beer. Both of us got pineapple fried rice, which we enjoyed while watching the crowds of people below from the balcony.


We were entertained by the ‘bros’ across the street banging on a gong, trying to get people to enjoy drinks at the hostel, while simultaneously creeping on any girl that passed by. We’d also witness a Pepsi Parade travel down the street. Not sure what that was all about, but I’d guess it was some sort of promotion.


After dinner, we wandered the streets some more before calling it a night. It had been bittersweet. Not only were we really enjoying our time in Hanoi, we were really sad that this long trip through Asia was coming to an end.

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