The BMT to Springer Mountain Part 3

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

When I hiked back up the hill after bushwhacking my way down to get more water, I saw Frisbee talking to another hiker. I was surprised since people out here have been few and far in between. His trail name was Diamonddash and he was a teacher who was utilizing his time off to get some miles in. After a short chat, we went our separate ways. He was hiking in the other direction.

The day started off with some climbs and lots of trash left behind after a trail running event. It really pissed me off. Especially since some of the remains were right next to the road (an easy pick up) and they had ample time to return and get the job done. If you can run 50-100 miles, you should be able to get off your ass and clean up your own damn mess.

I was making that same face while looking at all the trash.

We took a snack break at a tent site before climbing Licklog Mountain. Georgia has a thing with names.

When we reached the view, there was no place to sit, so we ended up taking our lunch break next to Route 60 instead. I ate while watching many cars and motorcycles making the sharp turn to head up to Toccoa River Swinging Bridge. The turn was so sharp, some cars had to turn around or block traffic to make it up the gravel road. We were going to the same place, but wouldn’t be following their lead. Instead, we had a climb through the woods before we reached the path leading to the bridge.

Frisbee found a good seat

We were feeling less than motivated once we got there. After filling up on water, we lounged and watched the people come and go. Frisbee even found a bed of roots to take a nap on.

Frisbee found another good seat.
Inclines never show up on camera

What followed were steep, steep climbs. I felt like we were making no progress today. We took a number of breaks, the next one being at Bryson Gap. Then the suffering continued. At least it was a pretty section.

Sometimes Georgia doesn’t have any names at all.

Along the way, I saw a turkey and noticed some movement in the vegetation by my feet. There was a teeny, tiny turkey chick hiding in it. I didn’t want to disturb the chick or the mother, so I let it be and continued my hike.

White Blazes! Lookit!

I was thrilled to finally see some white blazes! We were intersecting the Appalachian Trail (AT) a place that feels like home to me. We would be intersecting it a couple times before taking the side trail to Long Creek Falls.

The waterfall was beautiful and I met a guy there named Brent who was starting his long section hike on the AT. Frisbee followed behind me and we talked to him as we ate, throwing him some pointers and telling him about the terrain ahead of him. He hiked on, and eventually, so did we.

The trail would be getting tricky for him on the AT, but fo us, it was all about to get pretty easy! We hiked the smooth and flat last mile of the day to get to Three Forks, passing a thru hiker on the way there.

Almost There! We’re coming for you Springer!!!

We talked briefly with a section hiker who was camping nearby us about the terrain ahead. He had thought the next day was going to be an easy one. We told him otherwise. He would double check his guide and find out what we were talking about during the night. It was weird being back around people again, but comforting to be back on the AT, even if it was just for a little while.

21.0 miles (33.8 km)

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