The Long Trail: Part 3

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

We hiked passed a beaver pond before hoofing it to Mount Belvidere fire tower first thing in the morning. We weren’t too pleased that we had to take a steep spur trail to get to it, but the views were worth it. It was a cold and nerve-racking climb to the top.

Once we got to Belvidere Road, we attempted to hitch to Eden, VT. We were low on food since we had underestimated how difficult this trail would be. After four cars passed us, the fifth pulled over. Inside were two happy and enthusiastic girls named Jade and Kelsey who were traveling with a baby and an adorable dog named Maggie Mae.

They drove us to the Eden General Store which went above and beyond our expectations! We all got large roast beef subs, which we inhaled on a patch of grass in the warm sun. Once we had full bellies, we got our resupply and returned to our sunny patch of grass. We were happy to see Jade and Kelsey again who offered us a ride back to the trail, which we accepted of course!

The next stretch of trail was fairly mellow and we ran back into the two section hikers from the night before as we made our way to Devil’s Gulch. Devil’s Gulch was short, but pretty with neat rock formations that towered above us.

We were going to stay at Spruce Ledge Shelter but it was only 2:30, so we decided to hike on. We climbed Bowen Mountain and hoofed it up and over Butternut Mountain before taking the steep down to Corliss Shelter.

The shelter was awesome and had a loft above the main floor. We finally got to meet the hiker named Dark Knight whose name we saw written in the registers. She was a former AT hiker from New York and was good company. It would just be the four of us that night, and we slept well as we remained warm and dry as we listened to the rain outside.

14.5 miles (23.3 km)

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