The Long Trail: Part 8

Sunday, September 15th, 2019

We had our first zero day in Waterbury! It was a foggy morning as we packed up our gear after we had slept under the park pavilion overnight. We walked to Park Row Cafe for breakfast then grabbed more coffee at K.C.’s Bagel Cafe as we waited for all of the businesses to open up. Then we walked back to The Old Stagecoach Inn where we booked a room.

They had it available right away, so we showered off, then walked to the laundromat to clean our clothes. We saw Isaac there, our ride to town yesterday.

We browsed some shops then went back to Prohibition Pig for lunch before hitching to Ben and Jerry’s Factory with a guy and his husky. We’d find out later that he’s dating the bartender who works at the Inn.

We took the tour, sampled some ice cream, then walked around the “Dead Flavor Graveyard” before trying to hitch back to the center of town. We had to laugh when we saw the passenger of the car that pulled over to take us there. It was Isaac! His friend McVee drove us to the gas station and we walked to the Village Market to resupply. Afterwards, we watched football at McGillicuddy’s Pub where we ate dinner, then returned to the Inn.

0 miles (0 km)

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