The Alabama Road Walk – Part 3

Monday, November 4th, 2019

We packed up and walked across the street to the Wallsboro gas station to eat some biscuit breakfast sandwiches before continuing our long hike along Route 231. We had a little over 20 miles to go until we reached Montgomery.

We passed by a woman’s prison and crossed some shady, shoulder-less bridges with high speed traffic. Then we got food at McDonald’s in Wetumpka and again at the one located right within city limits before navigating our way through Montgomery. After we walked by the Gunter Annex/Maxwell Air Force Base, we were offered a ride by a guy at a gas station. We thanked him, declined his offer, and told him we were walking to Key West. He smiled and looked at us as if we had three heads. “Key West?! I’m not driving THAT far! Be safe!”

After taking Federal Drive to Madison Avenue, I enjoyed looking at all of the historic buildings in the Capitol Heights neighborhood. We checked out the Alabama State Capitol building and some historical Civil Rights markers before booking our stay downtown at Staybridge Suites. The hotel had only been open for three weeks. I scored a good deal on and not only was the room super nice, they offered a complimentary dinner that night as well! It was gonna be hard to leave tomorrow!

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