The Alabama Road Walk – Part 6

Thursday, November 7th – Saturday, November 9th, 2019

We packed up after a quiet night next to Spring Creek Baptist Church. My foot pain was bad. Like verge of tears bad, and I couldn’t cover much ground because of it. I’m stubborn, so it took some convincing to get me to agree to take a few days off. Frisbee informed me that the town of Greenville was just a short hitch away and there were several hotels, restaurants, and pharmacies there. After a few cars passed by, guy driving a truck with a trailer picked us up.

“I’m sorry, my son is in the back seat otherwise I’d let you sit inside the truck.”

“It’s okay, we don’t mind. We’re really stinky anyway!”

We waved at his son before getting in the truck bed.

Once we got in town we used McDonald’s WiFi to book several nights at Quality Inn. Then we grabbed a few things at Walgreen’s before heading over there.

Over the next few days, we rested up, I got an antibiotic called into the pharmacy, we ate a lot of fast food, and I attempted to remove the two loose toenails that were causing me so much pain. This was after asking Urgent Care down the street if they would do it. They couldn’t, and they told me the local podiatrist was out of the office the duration of our stay. I considered the E.R., but it was too far away for me to travel to. I’ve removed toenails before, however they weren’t still attached to the sides like these were. Instead of butchering my feet by trying to remove the nails entirely, I trimmed them down and repeatedly soaked them in Epson salt.

On the bright side, Frisbee got to watch the Alabama-LSU game. His team lost, but it was one hell of a game. There were also 20+ stray cats by the BBQ joint next door that brought me a teensy amount of joy when I was feeling miserable otherwise. We also dodged some rainstorms and a few overnights in a cold snap, and my toes felt a little better with each day. It wasn’t all bad.

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