The Alabama Road Walk – Part 8

Monday, November 11th, 2019

We packed up after sleeping by a cemetery behind Springhill Baptist Church.

After filling up on water from the spigot, we walked into Dozier. A yellow lab followed us down the road before we grabbed breakfast pizza at the Dozier Corner Market. The owner was familiar with Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) hikers and knew what we were doing.

After we ate, we followed behind a guy on a hoverboard who was scooting around Main Street, which turned into Rose Hill Road after crossing the bridge. When we turned on Straughn School Road, we were surrounded by cotton fields.

Before turning onto Hammett Road, we sat on the side of the road to eat lunch. A lumber truck drove by, making sure to hit the dirt to dust us out. Most people have been very friendly to us as we walked through the state of Alabama, but few viewed us with suspicion or disdain. That guy clearly thought we were scum.

When we got to Antioch Road, a woman who passed us on a UTV waved us down, offering us water. Her name was Bronwyn or Bee for short, and she introduced us to her family at her house. She also offered us a hot southern meal. Sadly we had already eaten, otherwise we would have taken her up on her offer.

After she dropped us back off where she found us, we were followed by two puppies as we walked along Antioch Road. I love dogs. When dogs come running at us, I am quick to use baby talk and give them lots of pets. Unfortunately, the dogs were wandering too far from home and the possibility of them getting struck by a car was a concern. This has become a recurring issue. Fortunately they walked away with their tail between their legs when they approached a yard with a large pit bull behind the fence.

Right after walking by Caroline’s Country Store, we’d walk back there to drop off a bundle of credit cards with a local’s drivers license with hopes they could contact him and return them to him.

Antioch Road ran into Route 29 where we grabbed burgers and fries at Hardee’s. We went to Huddle House next for WiFi and coffee, but would only get the later. We’d order dessert before checking in at the Econo Lodge down the street. There was a frost and rainstorm warning in the forecast, and since we were already in town, we figured we’d dodge it. And I didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty over that.

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