Return to the Florida Trail: Chapter 8

Sunday, November 24th, 2019

After a night hike from hell, I got limited sleep. When I did dream, it was about McDonald’s and dry feet. At least a wet and dreary night was followed up with a beautiful morning as we set forth into Seminole State Forest.

Frisbee tried to joke about our crappy night.

“Too soon.”

I was still not in any mood to laugh about it. It was still fresh.

All the wildlife came out for us. We heard bears busting through the brush, saw deer, heard Sandhill cranes and we stopped to watch otters swimming around as they munched on their breakfast.

It was also “danger noodle day” apparently. We saw two of Florida’s venomous snakes, the Coral snake and the Pygmy rattlesnake. It was our first Coral, but I nearly stepped on a Pygmy when we were traveling through the panhandle.

The fun ended when we had to maneuver around road construction as we walked down a busy highway. A sweet lady stopped traffic to ask us if we were ok and if we needed a ride. Her kind gesture was not appreciated too much by the drivers behind her as they laid on their horns.

We were happy to get off the highway and on a sidewalk by gated communities. The houses got bigger and more extravagant as we walked further along and the sidewalk turned into a bike trail. My feet were killing me. Unknown to me at the time, Frisbee’s ankles were raw and bleeding. Getting drenched last night did us some damage!

Finally we made it to McDonald’s where we ate and booked a room for the night. We were relieved to freshen up and dry out in our comfortable room.

21.5 miles (34.6 km)

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