The Colorado Trail: Part 3

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

The altitude sickness definitely had a hold on me. My head was pounding. The angry, chirping squirrels in the trees above us weren’t exactly helping either! I slowly got the day started after shoving my damp bivy into my pack. Apparently, my feet were sticking outside of the tarp during the rainy night.

The guy who showed up late last night turned out to be Mr. Clean. He beat us out of camp, but Frisbee was able to identify him once the sun was out. Our morning started with a rocky climb. I suddenly felt like I was hiking the Appalachian Trail again! I was feeling nostalgic. I was also feeling hungry! Although we only started our hike two days ago, I was already craving town food.


We left the trees and entered a wide open valley. After attempting to dry out our damp gear in the sun during our water break, we started cruising! We passed a family of day hikers before re-entering a wooded area. Then, we ran back into Mr. Clean. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one feeling the effects of altitude sickness. He was feeling pretty lousy and told us he was moving much slower than he’d like.

We walked together down a switchback before re-entering Lost Creek Wilderness. After taking the re-route around some downed trees, we would watch as thunderstorms passed by in the distance. Cows greeted us as we made our way down to our next water source. We decided to camp nearby at mile 65.6. It was a short day, but these headaches were crippling. I listened to mooing cows and singing coyotes as I dozed off.

20.4 miles (32.8 km)

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